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Our Story

DNX Brand Story

At our core, we’re all about trying. Not crushing or slaying—just the simple act of helping people do a little better than yesterday.

It’s not marketing mumbo-jumbo either. Years ago, our founder decided to try something different—regular exercise and clean-eating. And little-by-little, he upended his whole life in the best way possible.

He started DNX to help us all level up in some way. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, hoard more energy, or save time, we want you to catch what you’re chasing. We’re here for the assist with whole ingredients, amazing cuts of meat, and zero of the fillers or sugars that other meat snacks pack in.

Maybe this is a lot of fanfare for a snack, but that’s because it’s so much more than that. It’s a tool for anyone who’s out to squeeze a little victory into their day. Whatever win you’re looking for doesn’t matter to us, because the biggest thing is that it matters to you. We’re just here to have your back as you try.

John Rooney, Founder, DNX Bar


A 100% clean, nutrient-rich bar made with wholesome ingredients that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

“These are the best tasting meat protein bars I have tried. Very filling as well, would definitely buy again.”

The bar combines grass-fed beef & bison, and free range chicken, with organic fruits and vegetables, delivering a wholesome snack that’s both nutritious and intensely satisfying. Packed with real protein, the DNX bar offers a convenient way to fuel energy, satisfy hunger and deliver delicious, complete nutrition. It’s a natural snack developed for active people in support of their own wellness journey. Enjoy!